Trellis & Cabanas

Custom Trellis, Pergola, and Cabanas

Poolside Cabanas, Pergola and Trellis systems are all ideal architectural features for hot recreational environments, and Poma systems are designed and engineered for high-velocity winds and longevity. Poma systems will protect your inhabitants as well as the building’s concrete structures, ensuring that your investment continues to thrive. When you start a project with Poma, we work closely with your team to help detail your design, fabricate the parts, and install the product.

Custom sunshade trellis made by Poma

Trellis & Sunshades: Examples from Poma

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Modera Edgewater entrance, detail of the perforated metal dividers by Poma
Perforated Metal
4000 Williams Island modernization with custom glass rail by Poma
Marriott Surfside: Custom glass and metal fabrication by Poma
Trellis canopy for Brickell Heights Towers by Poma
Trellis & Sunshades
Detail of custom aluminum painted facade panels by Poma.

Working with Poma