Poma Pin

Patent No. US8615964B1

When you purchase a guardrail for your building, it’s important to ensure that it will last. We’ve developed a patented system that is guaranteed to endure the test of time. Watch the video to see how it works:

Graphic of the Poma Pin

How it works

Watch the video and learn how the Poma Pin will protect your building’s balcony. You’ll also learn why other railings fail. When a railing system fails, you endanger your building’s inhabitants, and you also must deal with costly repairs. The Poma Pin will save you money and help prevent concrete failures in your balcony.

Example of Poma Pin anchor system with metal and glass guardrail.

Poma Video walkthrough of the Poma Pin

Example of Poma Pin anchor system with metal and glass guardrail.

Metal and glass guardrail example using the Poma Pin.

Elegance and Simplicity

The Poma Pin enables design flexibility and protection for your building — all while providing a simple installation. Our patented system provides a wide range of flexibility for your rail design. This includes metal railings, glass guardrails, or a custom metal screen rail. The Poma Pin makes it easy to meet your design needs while protecting the foundation upon which its set.

Issues with Conventional Railings

Steel reinforcement bars are likely to be cut when drilling the large core holes for the railing posts. This causes exposure of the steel and aluminum to galvanic corrosion, post deterioration, concrete spalling and paint failures. Corroding rebar will expand and contract, which results in loose concrete and falling debris.

Conventionally installed posts are a direct conduit for salt water into the concrete slab. The moisture that does evaporate leaves salt deposits behind. The salt deposits result in concrete deterioration over time.

Detail of the Poma Pin.

The Poma Pin Solution

The Poma Pin solves the problems caused by traditional railing installation.  The stainless steel and aluminum design and configuration prevents galvanic corrosion. Also, the pin uses a much smaller embed than typical railing systems. This means that the anchor won’t conflict with the concrete’s reinforcing steel bars which can be a major cause of spalling.

The system controls moisture by directing salt spray, wind driven rain, and condensation through interior channels. The Poma Pin is installed using high strength structural epoxy that is much stronger than the concrete and impervious to water and chlorides. The resulting sealed core hole will not deteriorate for the lifetime of the railing system. The Poma Pin is a key component in many building modernization systems as well as new construction projects provided by Poma.

Railing system with channels for water and chloride runoff.

Design Imaginatively

The Poma Pin enables a wide range of rail types, from glass infinity rail systems to custom-fabricated aluminum guardrail designs. The Poma Pin provides peace-of-mind that regardless of your design choice, your rail integrity will be the least of your building’s future concerns.

The workmanship of the product and the installation was nothing other then perfection. We are so happy with the finished product.

South Ocean Condominium AssociationValerie O'Brien, South Ocean Condominium Association