Perforated Metal

Custom Metal Perf Systems

Perforated metal is a versatile architectural product offered by Poma. Our team can provide any type of custom laser-cut, punch, pattern or image-based perforation, and we will work with your team one-on-one to ensure the outcome matches your vision.

When you start a project with Poma, we work closely with your team to help detail your design, fabricate the parts, and install the product.

Perforated metal manufactured and installed by Poma

Perforated Metal: Examples from Poma

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Modera Edgewater entrance, detail of the perforated metal dividers by Poma
Perforated Metal
4000 Williams Island modernization with custom glass rail by Poma
Marriott Surfside: Custom glass and metal fabrication by Poma
Trellis canopy for Brickell Heights Towers by Poma
Trellis & Sunshades
Detail of custom aluminum painted facade panels by Poma.

Benefits of Perforated Metal

Perforated Metal Applications

Product applications include a variety of end uses. Custom perforated metal can be used on facades, scrim walls, ceilings, guardrails, and more. The options are endless:

Photo of ImagePerf with photo punched metal in stainless steel.
  • Double-layer facades with perforated metal for energy savings

  • Interior screen walls with perforated graphics

  • Feature walls with perforated corporate logos and more

  • Scrim walls with micro-perforated designs

  • Exterior/interior dividing walls with metal punch patterns

  • Railing designs with continuous metal punch patterns

  • Balcony facades with perforated openings to filter harsh light
  • Parking garage facades with custom perforated graphics
  • Ceiling designs and drop ceilings with punch patterns

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