Louvers & Grilles

Custom architectural louvers & grilles

Poma is the leader in production of architectural louvers and grilles. Many buildings, make use of louvers and architectural grilles to provide shade, ventillations, and aesthetics for exterior applications. Poma ensures that your building’s architectural features will be installed to please and protect your building’s inhabitants. When you start a project with Poma, we work closely with your team to help detail your design, fabricate the parts, and install the product.

Photo of a custom railing system made in wood, interior for a private client.

Louvers: Examples from Poma

More Products

Modera Edgewater entrance, detail of the perforated metal dividers by Poma
Perforated Metal
4000 Williams Island modernization with custom glass rail by Poma
Marriott Surfside: Custom glass and metal fabrication by Poma
Trellis canopy for Brickell Heights Towers by Poma
Trellis & Sunshades
Detail of custom aluminum painted facade panels by Poma.

Working with Poma