Infinity Rail

Patent No. US8820721B1

A Lightweight Look — Engineered for Hurricane-force Winds

Infinity Railing systems from Poma provide uninterrupted views for tenants and high-performance durability for building owners.

Designed and tested for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), the Infinity Rail is a patented postless glass railing system built to the highest standards.

Infinity Glass Railing
Photo of interior Infinity Rail, best for exhibition spaces and galleries

Perfect for Interiors and Exteriors

The Infinity Rail system from Poma uses structural glazing and does not require a post or cap. This allows for unobstructed views which is why it is one of the best guardrails for interior gallery and exhibit spaces.

Designed to Protect your Building

Infinity Railings is designed to not only outlast other railing systems, but also to protect your building from corrosion and concrete spalling. The railing has a gap for watershed, which protects both the anchoring system as well as the concrete slab from corrosion. It is built on adjustable stainless steel anchors with an epoxy anchor adhesive, further guarding the system from galvanic corrosion.

Diagram of Infinity Rail
Example of the Infinity Rail

Built to save you money

The base of the Infinity Rail uses a Poma-designed hollow extruded shape that is larger than traditional systems, and yet hollow to reduce cost withouth sacrificing strength. This also makes installation quick and painless. Whether you are using Poma as your installer, or hiring a local team to install our system, the rapid install will ensure that you’re not spending time and money in the field.

Projects featuring Poma Infinity Rail

Approved for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ)

Infinity Rail postless railing system has been accepted and approved by the Miami Dade County for HVHZ. This high bar set by Florida building codes means that these guardrail systems with withstand the highest wind environments in the world.

Infinity Rail Detail Drawings Download

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