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Create patterns, photos, and images in perforated sheetmetal

ImagePerf is a perforated metal product from Poma. Use your own images, photos, and graphics to create unique designs punched into aluminum, stainless steel, and other metal surfaces.

When you start a project with Poma, we work closely with your team to help detail your design, fabricate the parts, and install the product.

Perforated metal machinery by Poma.
Photo of custom perforated metal fabricator shop.

Image Perf Capabilities

Poma’s capabilities for perforated metal include state-of-the-art machine punch and brake systems. The custom punch is set up with a cartridge of rotating dies. This enables punched holes at varying sizes. By varying the size, images appear in the positive or negative spaces of the multitude of hole sizes. This is similar to how a dot matrix printer works to achieve the illusion of a seamless image.

Beyond Perforated Pictures

Perforations aren’t limited to creating imagery. Patterns, moire effects, logos, and graphics can be punched into the metal. Painting capabilities are available through Coastal Powder, providing painted metal surfaces to achieve imagery through colors.

Photo of perforated metal moire patterns.
Photo of customer perforated metal die punches.

Custom Punch Dies

Add intrigue into your custom perforated projects with custom dies and patterns. We’ll work with you to design and develop your own perf punch to achieve your motif.  For instance, a single die can be designed in an unusual shape and then rotated on the turret punch to create imaginative repeating patterns on a metal surface.

Getting Started is Easy

Send us your imagery and we’ll help you develop a custom perforated metal with graphics, photos, drawings, and more.

Gorilla image

Custom Perforated Metal Forms

Poma’s in-house team will work with you to develop your perforated imagery across panels and around corners. Quality of the finished enclosure is important for every job.

Benefits of Perforated Metal

Perforated Metal Applications

Product applications include a variety of end uses. Custom perforated metal can be used on facades, scrim walls, ceilings, guardrails, and more. The options are endless:

Photo of ImagePerf with photo punched metal in stainless steel.
  • Double-layer facades with perforated metal for energy savings

  • Interior screen walls with perforated graphics

  • Feature walls with perforated corporate logos and more

  • Scrim walls with micro-perforated designs

  • Exterior/interior dividing walls with metal punch patterns

  • Railing designs with continuous metal punch patterns

  • Balcony facades with perforated openings to filter harsh light
  • Parking garage facades with custom perforated graphics
  • Ceiling designs and drop ceilings with punch patterns

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