Our Story

Poma Architectural Metals is a Florida-based company providing inventive fabrication in metal and glass. Working on high-profile buildings around the world, Poma has developed many patented technologies used in the architecture industry.

The company is headquartered within a family-owned 275 acre industrial park in Palm City, Florida. The combined facility includes 65,000 SF fabrication floor and engineering office space. The industrial park includes a number of companies and divisions including: construction and development (Poma Construction), aluminum and metal fabrication railings (Poma Architectural Metals), pre-cast concrete walls (Redi-Tilt), liquid and powder coatings (Coastal Powder Coatings), and a sand mining operation (Palm City Sand).

Frank Poma, the founder and company president, began working in this industry in 1974 to pave the way for his seven children. Four of Frank’s eldest sons have taken their places in each of these divisions.


Frank Poma
Frank PomaPresident
Frank Poma oversees the operations of the company and is responsible for both financial control as well as determining profitability for future projects and opportunities. Responsible for developing a number of the company’s patents, Frank contributes a vast amount of knowledge and experience with over 40 years of construction related experience.

Jason F. Poma, CGC
Jason F. Poma, CGCVice President
Jason Poma holds a Florida State Certified General Contractor License which he has maintained since 2003. He serves as the architectural liaison and qualifier for Poma and oversees the high-level operations of all current projects. Working in both the construction and architectural metals divisions, he is responsible for resource allocation and contract oversight.

Justin Poma, CGC
Justin Poma, CGCGeneral Manager
Justin Poma is responsible for facilitating day to day plant operations, maintaining quality control, and providing a channel for client coordination. In addition, he leads the sales team, providing estimates and architectural detailing of standard and custom railing systems. Justin attended Western Illinois University majoring in construction management.


How an Inventive Family
Transformed the Architectural Landscape

Frank Poma was born Francesco Poma in the farmlands of Sicily in 1951. His early years were spent in a rustic home with no running water or plumbing. At the age of 9, his family would leave Italy in search of opportunity. They first made their way to Metz, France; then to America where they made their way to Detroit, Michigan in 1961. It was here in Motor City that the young Frank Poma would spend his formative years, learning the value of hard work and invention.

As a teenager, Frank worked as a baker in his East Detroit neighborhood, eventually taking over and managing the company as part of a family business. There he earned enough to start his own business with a friend, who had been working in a small shop producing railings. Together they scraped together enough money for basic tools and shop space and started Michigan Wrought Iron, founded in 1972 at the age of 21.

Rendering of the Infinity Rail, designed and developed by Poma Architectural Metals.

Soon after starting this early business, the duo had an idea. Frank had visited Florida a few times with friends during Spring Break, and recalled that almost every residential condominium development had tens of thousands of linear feet of guard railing. The pair packed everything into a truck and made the voyage to Florida.

However, upon arriving, they started noticing that all the rails were made out of a strange material. They realized a big problem: they had never worked with aluminum, and the steel railing they were accustomed to making wouldn’t last two years without rusting out in the salty coastal environment. Thus began an adventure in learning the craft of the coastal guardrail construction. They stored their equipment while working at a local railing company in Boca Raton. There they honed their craft, before setting out again six months later.

This is also where the business partners would part ways, each starting their own businesses. Frank would go on to start Poma Aluminum and Steel in 1974.

Photo of the Poma family, a history of Poma.

Within a year of starting his company, Frank Poma quickly found success, and would soon bring his parents from Detroit to work with him, starting a family dynasty that has grown into one of the most innovative fabrication specialty companies for metal and glass. Over the next few decades, his company would develop a number of patented systems, bringing advanced aluminum railing into a high-performance arena.

Poma Business Divisions

Construction and Development Division

This division is responsible for the development of all projects on land owned by its related holding companies. We have completed a broad range of projects consisting of “Class A” office condo buildings, “Big Box” and small scale retailers, charter schools and industrial warehouse and storage facilities of varying sizes.

In addition, Poma Construction Corp. acts as a general contractor, both for our own projects as well as those of other developers. We provide a unique, cost effective, alternative to higher priced tilt-up buildings. Redi-Tilt pre-cast walls are utilized in all of our shell buildings. This affords our customer the opportunity to save up to 25% over conventional methods of construction (i.e. tilt-up, CBS, poured in place, etc.).

Architectural and Decorative Metal Division

Poma Architectural Metals is a full-service railing and specialty metalwork fabricator with global reach. The company fabricates and delivers fully-engineered and coated metal systems for new construction and renovation projects. Our portfolio includes condominiums, hotels, office buildings, municipal/institutional structures, parking garages, manufacturing facilities, airports, and amusement parks.

Redi-Tilt Division

Redi-Tilt is a patented modular wall system which is marketed exclusively thru Poma Construction Corp. Frank Poma developed the patent in 2000 while trying to remedy problems associated with conventional construction methods. Redi-Tilt resolves many of the issues related to lack of skilled labor, material shortages, adverse weather conditions and waste and inefficiencies related to onsite construction.

The manufacture of these walls takes place under a 27,600 sq.ft. metal building in a semi-controlled environment. All forms are made of steel and are completely reusable. Materials are used in an extremely efficient manner, resulting in lower costs to the customer. Walls are fabricated at our plant and delivered precisely when and where needed, resulting in quicker construction times, lower cost and more efficient scheduling.

Coastal Powder Coatings

Coastal Powder Coatings, Inc. provides liquid and powder coatings, and is one of the only facilities able to provide this scale in the United States. The production plant provides a State-Of-The-Art E.S.P. (Electrostatic Spray Painting) facility with a six stage, chrome conversion pretreatment process to ensure the highest quality finish. Coatings include Kynar 500 XL Liquid, which meets AMMA 2605 and Super Durable Polymer which meets or exceeds AMMA 2604. This is all accomplished in our 13,500 square foot facility. Learn more about how our in-house painting facility is unique for fabricators.

Palm City Sand

Palm City Sand, a mining operation, is located within the Northern section of our 275 acre industrial park. Sand is dredged from the ground and processed to produce 2 grades of sand, namely septic and mason sand.