Guardrail renovation for building modernization in Florida.

Modernization Projects

Custom Fabrication for Building Modernizations

Poma provides premiere service for the modernization of of high-rise condominiums and hospitality projects. As a custom fabricator with 40 years of experience, Poma is uniquely positioned to provide expertise in railings, guardrails, and metal screens and facades.

At Poma, Modernization is more than just renovation and surface appearances. A modernized facade or guardrail system takes into account the long-term performance of a building component’s purpose. This means looking at how the new additions to the building will serve to protect the concrete or stone slabs, and ensure that your building won’t require future repairs from bad installations.

Take a look at the project spotlights below, or read more about building modernization and learn how Poma is transforming and protecting buildings with contemporary construction practices.