Condo Restoration and Modernization

Modernization is more than just improving the building’s facade — it’s about making sure that your building stands the test of time.

Poma is a leading railing replacement and building modernization specialist. This includes not only the rail, but the foundation its built upon. Poma offers a total solution, bringing together engineering partners, concrete restoration, and custom-fabrication for replacement systems.

Poma will guide you through the restoration process from start to finish. We offer guarantees and warrantees for our products and services to give your clients peace of mind.

Before renovating GuardrailsAfter renovating Guardrails

Imagine what your building will be with Poma

Upgrading your building’s railings will protect your investment and increase the value proposition you offer to tenants. The Poma team will bring your building’s old architecture up to todays standards, ensuring that your building endures the test of time. Poma’s patented systems are engineered for longevity, and Poma’s success in this business span nearly 50 years.

When you work with Poma, you get unmatched quality in both aesthetics and endurance, and a team that works with you closely every step of the way.

Visualize Before you Build

If you’re upgrading a building’s railing system, start by reaching out to our team. We can help you visualize your completed modernization project. Using a combination of high definition photography and advanced 3D modeling software, we are capable of providing high quality photorealistic renderings.

Renderings help owners and condo association managers visualize the building upgrades before ever having to take on the daunting task of mobilizing a project. This is instrumental for condominium associations in acquiring necessary votes for those pursuing material alterations.

Before Modernizing your Building's Guardrail SystemAfter Modernizing your Building's Guardrail System

Modernization Process

Step 1: Design Assist & Engineering

Poma upgrades tens of thousands of lineal feet of guardrail systems each year. Upgrading your building’s balcony and railing systems is a simple process which begins with a design assist and engineering assessment of your building’s existing railing.

Step 2: Concrete Demolition & Repair

After assessment by an engineer, the defective concrete and railings are located, removed and repaired. Poma partners with engineers and concrete restoration companies, or can work with your construction team to provide a turn-key solution for your building.

Step 3: Installation of New Railing

Once the concrete has been repaired, the new railing systems can go in. Poma uses patented systems which ensures that the railing will perform for decades against the harsh coastal elements.

What causes railings to fail?

If your building is on or near the water, it’s probably already experiencing problems, many of which are caused by existing railing systems. Scroll through to see if your building is experiencing issues of spalling, rust, or corrosion.

Spalling Caused by Water Intrusion.


Spalling is a major cause of guardrail failures, and it may require extensive repairs of the concrete slab. Caused by water intrusion, the rebar within the concrete rusts and expands thereby cracking the concrete. This is most dangerous at the balcony’s edge. Learn more about how spalling concrete impacts balcony slabs, and what the best solutions are to these issues.

Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion is a result of aluminum contact with a lesser or more noble metals in the presence of salt water. This condition is preventable and Poma has a patented anchor system for preventing future instances of galvanic corrosion. Learn more about how to prevent galvanic corrosion, and what the best solutions are for this condition.

Photo of a rusted railing system.


Rust will appear on older guardrail systems made with direct embedded aluminum posts, improperly specified grout and steel post inserts, or incorrect hardware for the application or environment. Learn more about what causes guardrails to rust, and see how Poma’s patented anchor systems features corrosion resistant and compatible materials and epoxy-based impervious grouts to isolate and seal the cementitious substrate from the aluminum post.

Photo of paint failure in railing

Paint Failures

Improperly specified or applied coatings are prone to premature failure. Poma provides expertise in the pretreatment and application of high-performance coatings on aluminum products. Our fabrication team partners with Coastal Powder’s on-site painting facilities for large-sale projects. This facility is the only paint production company of its scale in South/Central Florida.

Projects featuring Poma Modernization