International Sales

Import fully-fabricated systems from Poma

Poma is an international leader of custom-fabricated architectural products in aluminum and glass. The company provides fully-fabricated exports, including:

  • Unitized facade systems for new construction
  • Export glass and metal railing systems for hotels and condos
  • Trellises, louvered facades, sun shades, canopies, and other custom imported metal fabrications for the architectural and construction industry.
International Export Fabricator supplying fully-fabricated imported facade systems around the world.

International Service

From the Pacific Rim to Barbados, Poma is your team for international service. Our team provides fully-engineered fabrication and shipment, and our experience with international customs makes our team a trusted partner.  In this industry, communication is paramount, and our bilingual team has the expertise for complex logistics.

Export Metal Fabrication

If you’re importing architectural components for your project, you want a turnkey product that is easy to install, with professionals who understand the import/export business.

As a custom fabricator for exported goods, we provide a complete package of fully or partially assembled goods. We work with a neighboring paint facility for coating our fabricated parts, and we’re ideally positioned with a nearby coastal shipping facility and international airport for airfreight.

Projects featuring Poma Export Fabrication