Studies show salt air affects metals more than 50 miles inland

Anyone who has ever bought a used car has considered how salty atmospheres impacts aging metal. Road salts and coastal environments mean corroded steel and other metal components under the hood and body of the vehicle. These conditions have a similar affect on buildings, especially in coastal locales around the world. But how many miles inland do you have to be to avoid salt air corrosion?Sometimes, the best way to visualize data is with maps.The Galvanizers Association put together an interactive map that shows how coastal distances play a factor in the corrosion of galvanized steel. While the map measures corrosion levels of Great Britain, this data is a useful resource for understanding how far inland salt air affects metal.

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Railing Replacement: Best Practices for Condo Communities

When a residential community decides to modernize its condo railings, it's helpful to understand the best practices for railing replacement. We've put together this resource as a go-to for condominium associations, so that you can enter into this process armed with knowledge. What should condominium associations look at before selecting a railing supplier?

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Steel Rail versus Aluminum Rail: What makes the best guardrail?

We've covered a number of topics related to railing design, but one question that we often see is what's the best railing material? Are there benefits to iron railing, or is aluminum the best for its high corrosion resistance? The short answer, is that aluminum is going to be the lowest maintenance and highest performing option for guardrails. The longer answer is more complicated, and in any selection you make for railing, you'll want to look at more than just the railing material itself.

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How Poma makes Corrosion-free Railings

Billions of dollars are spent each year on repairing concrete balcony edges and replacing railing. The primary culprit is corrosion, which can not only damage the railing system, but also cause spalling and concrete failure to the balcony or floor to which it is installed. We've detailed the common issues as well as what solutions will mitigate and prevent future railing corrosion.

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